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    Clean up session relationships. · f8e6bbdd
    David Thompson authored
    Make the documentation match reality as far as model ownership
    goes (it did not show Model→Group relations and incorrectly had
    submodels related by `INCLUDES/EMBEDDED_IN` instead of
    Add methods to EntityRef for managing superset/subset arrangements
    and use those (instead of raw relations) for parent-child of Model
    and Session.
    Rename ModelEntities and GroupEntities typedefs to Models and Groups.
    Clean up Read operator in all bridges to use new session storage
    style (where `Entity::relations()` holds session children) instead
    of having Session instance track top-level models.
    Get rid of `smtk::model::Manager::m_modelSessions`; this information
    is now stored in the sessions's `Entity::relations()`.