Commit 2fad6e06 authored by Dan Huantes's avatar Dan Huantes
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- Added code to capture the VS_DOTNET_REFERENCES_HINT_PATH_ONLY
target property if it is set on a target.  If it
is, the expectation is that the value for this property
will be a semicolon delimited string naming one or more
references that should only contain the <HintPath> tag and
not other tags within the body of the Reference declaration.

This Commit Addresses cmake/cmake#19621
parent 43fe736b
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...@@ -832,19 +832,39 @@ void cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator::WriteDotNetReference( ...@@ -832,19 +832,39 @@ void cmVisualStudio10TargetGenerator::WriteDotNetReference(
e2.Attribute("Condition", this->CalcCondition(config)); e2.Attribute("Condition", this->CalcCondition(config));
} }
e2.Attribute("Include", ref); e2.Attribute("Include", ref);
// There are references that contain controls and the only
// work when only the <HintPath> is provided. To add these
// which will be one or more semicolon delimited references
std::vector<std::string> hintOnlyReferences;
if (const char* vsHintOnlyReferences = this->GeneratorTarget->GetProperty(
cmExpandList(vsHintOnlyReferences, hintOnlyReferences);
bool l_addOnlyHintPath = false;
if (!hintOnlyReferences.empty()) {
for (std::string const& hintRef : hintOnlyReferences) {
if ( == 0) {
l_addOnlyHintPath = true;
if (!l_addOnlyHintPath) {
e2.Element("CopyLocalSatelliteAssemblies", "true"); e2.Element("CopyLocalSatelliteAssemblies", "true");
e2.Element("ReferenceOutputAssembly", "true"); e2.Element("ReferenceOutputAssembly", "true");
if (!hint.empty()) { if (!hint.empty()) {
const char* privateReference = "True"; const char* privateReference = "True";
if (const char* value = this->GeneratorTarget->GetProperty( if (const char* value = this->GeneratorTarget->GetProperty(
if (cmIsOff(value)) { if (cmSystemTools::IsOff(value)) {
privateReference = "False"; privateReference = "False";
} }
} }
e2.Element("Private", privateReference); e2.Element("Private", privateReference);
e2.Element("HintPath", hint);
} }
e2.Element("HintPath", hint);
this->WriteDotNetReferenceCustomTags(e2, ref); this->WriteDotNetReferenceCustomTags(e2, ref);
} }
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