Commit 84260534 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King Committed by Kitware Robot
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Merge topic 'FindwxWidgets-mingw' into release-3.16


 FindwxWidgets: Add link dependencies for MinGW
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Merge-request: !4040
parents 786954c4 c921ec61
......@@ -431,7 +431,7 @@ if(wxWidgets_FIND_STYLE STREQUAL "win32")
list(APPEND wxWidgets_LIBRARIES opengl32 glu32)
list(APPEND wxWidgets_LIBRARIES winmm comctl32 oleacc rpcrt4 shlwapi version wsock32)
list(APPEND wxWidgets_LIBRARIES winmm comctl32 uuid oleacc uxtheme rpcrt4 shlwapi version wsock32)
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