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Merge branch 'doc-pkgconfig-list' into release-3.9

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......@@ -65,7 +65,7 @@ macro(_pkgconfig_invoke _pkglist _prefix _varname _regexp)
set(_pkgconfig_${_varname} "")
string(REGEX REPLACE "[\r\n]" " " _pkgconfig_invoke_result "${_pkgconfig_invoke_result}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "[\r\n]" " " _pkgconfig_invoke_result "${_pkgconfig_invoke_result}")
if (NOT ${_regexp} STREQUAL "")
string(REGEX REPLACE "${_regexp}" " " _pkgconfig_invoke_result "${_pkgconfig_invoke_result}")
......@@ -86,6 +86,9 @@ endmacro()
pkg_get_variable(<RESULT> <MODULE> <VARIABLE>)
If multiple values are returned variable will contain a
:ref:`;-list <CMake Language Lists>`.
For example:
.. code-block:: cmake
......@@ -524,6 +527,9 @@ endmacro()
<XPREFIX> = <PREFIX> for common case
<XPREFIX> = <PREFIX>_STATIC for static linking
Every variable containing multiple values will be a
:ref:`;-list <CMake Language Lists>`.
There are some special variables whose prefix depends on the count of
given modules. When there is only one module, <PREFIX> stays
unchanged. When there are multiple modules, the prefix will be
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