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 Help/dev: Document buildbot lint-iwyu-tidy builder
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...@@ -216,7 +216,12 @@ Builder names follow the pattern ``project-host-os-buildtype-generator``: ...@@ -216,7 +216,12 @@ Builder names follow the pattern ``project-host-os-buildtype-generator``:
* ``host``: the buildbot host * ``host``: the buildbot host
* ``os``: one of ``windows``, ``osx``, or ``linux`` * ``os``: one of ``windows``, ``osx``, or ``linux``
* ``buildtype``: ``release`` or ``debug`` * ``buildtype``: ``release`` or ``debug``
* ``generator``: ``ninja``, ``makefiles``, or ``vs<year>`` * ``generator``: ``ninja``, ``makefiles``, ``vs<year>``,
or ``lint-iwyu-tidy``
The special ``lint-<tools>`` generator name is a builder that builds
CMake using lint tools but does not run the test suite (so the actual
generator does not matter).
.. _`buildbot`: .. _`buildbot`:
.. _`CMake CDash Page`: .. _`CMake CDash Page`:
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