Commit fcf4fcc6 authored by Brian Panneton's avatar Brian Panneton
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FIX: Corrected Java issue with BaseVisitor delete() trying to delete the...

FIX: Corrected Java issue with BaseVisitor delete() trying to delete the concrete object even though it was receiving a shared pointer. This issue would occur whenever the garbage collector would run and try to delete an old XdmfWriter object. Also hid some SWIG warning for Java.
parent 0a994266
......@@ -101,6 +101,9 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfPython.cpp Xdmf.i
// Ignore multiple inheritance warning
#pragma SWIG nowarn=813
// Ignore const overloaded methods
%ignore XdmfCurvilinearGrid::getDimensions() const;
%ignore XdmfDomain::getCurvilinearGrid(const unsigned int) const;
......@@ -116,6 +119,9 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfPython.cpp Xdmf.i
%ignore XdmfGrid::getAttribute(const unsigned int) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getAttribute(const std::string &) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getMap() const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getMap(unsigned int const) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getMap(unsigned int const &) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getMap(std::string const &) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getSet(const unsigned int) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getSet(const std::string &) const;
%ignore XdmfGrid::getTime() const;
......@@ -164,7 +170,7 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfPython.cpp Xdmf.i
#endif */ SWIGJAVA */
#endif /* SWIGJAVA */
......@@ -32,12 +32,15 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfCorePython.cpp XdmfCore.i
// Ignore const overloaded methods
%ignore XdmfArray::getHeavyDataController() const;
%ignore XdmfArray::getValuesInternal() const;
%ignore XdmfItem::getInformation(const unsigned int) const;
%ignore XdmfItem::getInformation(const std::string &) const;
%ignore XdmfWriter::getHeavyDataWriter() const;
%ignore XdmfInformation::getArray(unsigned int const) const;
%ignore XdmfInformation::getArray(std::string const &) const;
// Ignore ItemTags
%ignore XdmfArray::ItemTag;
......@@ -307,12 +310,12 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfCorePython.cpp XdmfCore.i
%include std_string.i
%include std_vector.i
%include loki/Visitor.h
// Shared Pointer Templates
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