Commit 31a8e054 authored by Brian Panneton's avatar Brian Panneton Committed by Kenneth Leiter
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FIX: Added renaming of XdmfSet.hpp methods for getAttribute() const

parent 7503009f
......@@ -85,6 +85,8 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfPython.cpp Xdmf.i
%ignore XdmfAttributeType::operator==(const XdmfAttributeType & attributeType) const;
%ignore XdmfAttributeType::operator!=(const XdmfAttributeType & attributeType) const;
%rename(getAttributeUIntConst) XdmfSet::getAttribute(unsigned int const) const;
%rename(getAttributeStrConst) XdmfSet::getAttribute(std::string const &) const;
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