Commit 14252b3f authored by Kenneth D. Renard (Cont ARL/CISD) kdrenard's avatar Kenneth D. Renard (Cont ARL/CISD) kdrenard Committed by Kenneth Leiter

FIX: Updates to reflect API changes in Xdmf2Array

parent fe1a4401
......@@ -330,8 +330,6 @@ public:
template<typename T>
bool swap(std::vector<T> & array);
std::string getDimensionString() const;
* Exchange the contents of the vector with the contents of this XdmfArray. No copy is made. The internal arrays are swapped.
......@@ -129,8 +129,8 @@ swig -v -c++ -python -o XdmfCorePython.cpp XdmfCore.i
%extend XdmfArray {
PyObject * getBuffer ()
void *vp = $self->getValuesPointer();
Py_ssize_t sz = $self->size() * $self->getElementSize();
void *vp = $self->getValuesInternal();
Py_ssize_t sz = $self->getSize() * $self->getElementSize();
PyObject * c = PyBuffer_FromMemory(vp, sz);
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