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Help: Clarify compile features handling for OBJC and OBJCXX

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......@@ -28,10 +28,15 @@ CMake knows are known to the compiler, regardless of language standard
or compile flags needed to use them.
Features known to CMake are named mostly following the same convention
as the Clang feature test macros. The are some exceptions, such as
as the Clang feature test macros. There are some exceptions, such as
CMake using ``cxx_final`` and ``cxx_override`` instead of the single
``cxx_override_control`` used by Clang.
Note that there are no separate compile features properties or variables for
the ``OBJC`` or ``OBJCXX`` languages. These are based off ``C`` or ``C++``
respectively, so the properties and variables for their corresponding base
language should be used instead.
Compile Feature Requirements
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