Commit dfb5b599 authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen

Make font sizes smaller to accommodate change in annotation font size controls

parent a3caf3cb
......@@ -7423,7 +7423,7 @@
<Element index="0" value=""/>
<Property name="FontSize" id="43634.FontSize" number_of_elements="1">
<Element index="0" value="18"/>
<Element index="0" value="7"/>
<Domain name="range" id="43634.FontSize.range"/>
<Property name="Italic" id="43634.Italic" number_of_elements="1">
......@@ -12212,7 +12212,7 @@
<Element index="0" value=""/>
<Property name="ChartTitleFontSize" id="43669.ChartTitleFontSize" number_of_elements="1">
<Element index="0" value="14"/>
<Element index="0" value="12"/>
<Property name="ChartTitleItalic" id="43669.ChartTitleItalic" number_of_elements="1">
<Element index="0" value="0"/>
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