Commit 8cdd41f7 authored by David Partyka's avatar David Partyka Committed by Utkarsh Ayachit
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Add a check for .git/modules/<submodule>

With newer git the submodules .git files may be in the toplevel .git directory under modules.
parent 86b71809
# This is where the logic resides for verifying the source tree layout.
function(CheckGitDirectory path)
function(CheckGitDirectory path submodule)
# Emit a fatal error and inform the user to init their submodules.
if(NOT EXISTS "${path}/.git/config")
# supports new git (1.7.7?) locations of submodule .git directories
if(NOT EXISTS "${path}/${submodule}/.git/config" AND NOT EXISTS ${ParaView_SOURCE_DIR}/.git/modules/${submodule}/config)
message(FATAL_ERROR "
Please initialize the git submodules.
${path} is not a valid git submodule.
......@@ -19,7 +20,7 @@ set(ParaView_Submodules VTK Utilities/IceT Utilities/Xdmf2 Qt/Testing)
foreach(submodule ${ParaView_Submodules})
# If this is a git checkout, then check the submodules were initialized.
if(EXISTS "${ParaView_SOURCE_DIR}/.git/config")
CheckGitDirectory("${ParaView_SOURCE_DIR}" "${submodule}")
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