Commit 6deaecb7 authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen
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Reorder file open and state saving buttons in main controls toolbar

Now the order is:

* Open
* Save Data
* Save State
* Save Extracts
* Save Catalyst State
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...@@ -183,7 +183,9 @@ ...@@ -183,7 +183,9 @@
</action> </action>
<addaction name="actionOpenData"/> <addaction name="actionOpenData"/>
<addaction name="actionSaveData"/> <addaction name="actionSaveData"/>
<addaction name="actionSaveState"/>
<addaction name="actionGenerateExtracts"/> <addaction name="actionGenerateExtracts"/>
<addaction name="actionSaveCatalystState"/>
<addaction name="separator"/> <addaction name="separator"/>
<addaction name="actionServerConnect"/> <addaction name="actionServerConnect"/>
<addaction name="actionServerDisconnect"/> <addaction name="actionServerDisconnect"/>
...@@ -195,9 +197,6 @@ ...@@ -195,9 +197,6 @@
<addaction name="actionAutoApply"/> <addaction name="actionAutoApply"/>
<addaction name="actionQuery"/> <addaction name="actionQuery"/>
<addaction name="actionLoadPalette"/> <addaction name="actionLoadPalette"/>
<addaction name="separator"/>
<addaction name="actionSaveState"/>
<addaction name="actionSaveCatalystState"/>
</widget> </widget>
<resources> <resources>
<include location="../../../Components/Resources/pqComponents.qrc"/> <include location="../../../Components/Resources/pqComponents.qrc"/>
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