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Add PLY extract generator for Catalyst

Does not include the ability to save out colors from the current
color array and transfer function.
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<Category name="Data" show_in_toolbar="0" preserve_order="0">
<Proxy group="extract_writers" name="PLY" />
<Proxy group="extract_writers" name="VTP" />
<Proxy group="extract_writers" name="VTU" />
<Proxy group="extract_writers" name="HTG" />
......@@ -1065,6 +1065,27 @@
<!-- =================================================================== -->
<ProxyGroup name="extract_writers">
<!-- ================================================================= -->
<DataExtractWriterProxy name="PLY">
Extract writer to write polygonal data to the PLY file format.
<StringVectorProperty name="FileName"
Specify the filename to use.
<Proxy name="Writer" proxygroup="writers" proxyname="PPLYWriter" />
<Property name="Input" />
<Property name="FileType" />
<!-- ================================================================= -->
<DataExtractWriterProxy name="VTP">
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