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ENH: updates to include Charles changes

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......@@ -2,6 +2,22 @@ Changes in 1.8.3
- Added support for writing AVI animations on Windows platforms
- Fixed "IntegrateAttributes" to work in parallel.
- Added three filters to the filter menu.
1) Integrate Attributes: Integrates attributes over 2D surfaces. Creates
one point and one vert in output. Point and cell data for this point and
cell contain the integrated values. A new "area" cell array is created.
All of the integrated attribute values are displayed in the GUI.
2) Surface Vectors Will either project vectors onto the surface, or give
the component of the vector perpendicular to the surface. The new output
vector point attribute has the same name as the input vector attribute. A
glyph filter is still needed to show the vectors.
3) Surface flow. Outputs a point and vertex. It integrates the dot
product of a vector field with the surface normal. It puts the result in
a attribute called surface flow. The value is also displayed in the GUI.
Changes in 1.8.2
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