Commit 0ec63a2e authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen

9356: Expose some of Connectivity filter's properties

The ExtractionMode and ColorRegions properties were hidden. Also,
added a ClosestPoint property for use when the closest point mode is

A subset of extraction modes that are easily supported are exposed.
Modes that use point or cell seeds defined by selections could be
added in the future, but are not added here.
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......@@ -1569,17 +1569,11 @@ found and the point will be rejected.</Documentation>
<EnumerationDomain name="enum">
<Entry text="Extract Point Seeded Regions"
value="1" />
<Entry text="Extract Cell Seeded Regions"
value="2" />
<Entry text="Extract Specified Regions"
value="3" />
<Entry text="Extract Largest Region"
value="4" />
<Entry text="Extract All Regions"
value="5" />
<Entry text="Extract Closes Point Region"
<Entry text="Extract Closest Point Region"
value="6" />
<Documentation>Controls the extraction of connected
......@@ -1593,12 +1587,14 @@ found and the point will be rejected.</Documentation>
<Documentation>Controls the coloring of the connected
<Property name="ExtractionMode"
show="0" />
<Property name="ColorRegions"
show="0" />
default_values="0 0 0">
<Documentation>Specifies the point to use in closest point mode.</Documentation>
<!-- End PVConnectivityFilter -->
<!-- ==================================================================== -->
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