Commit 60216e15 authored by Christoph Rüdiger's avatar Christoph Rüdiger
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Help: Improved MAIN_DEPENDENCY documentation of add_custom_command()

parent 27cbbf0e
......@@ -146,8 +146,10 @@ The options are:
Specify the primary input source file to the command. This is
treated just like any value given to the ``DEPENDS`` option
but also suggests to Visual Studio generators where to hang
the custom command. At most one custom command may specify a
given source file as its main dependency.
the custom command. Each source file may have at most one command
specifying it as its main dependency. A compile command (i.e. for a
library or an executable) counts as an implicit main dependency which
gets silently overwritten by a custom command specification.
Specify the output files the command is expected to produce.
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