1. 09 Jul, 2018 1 commit
  2. 18 Nov, 2017 1 commit
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      Checkpoint on PV, resource, selection, and operation refactor. · 4e330ba2
      David Thompson authored
      + Implement some stubbed methods in smtk::operation classes
        and test them.
      + Add C++11 callbacks for listening to operator events (all
        of them, not just individual operators like the model-
        operator callbacks did).
      + Add behaviors to the ParaView extensions that do client-
        server communication of selections.
      + Add pqSMTKResourceManager proxy that gets created by
        pqSMTKResourceManagerBehavior upon plugin startup.
        All the selection management stuff in the behavior should
        eventually be moved into the proxy class.
      + Add pqSMTKResource proxy that registers itself with
        the VTK/PV-wrapping of SMTK's resource manager.
      + Fix documentation and add stubs for documenting the
        `smtk/extension` directory.
      + Add Qt extension classes that expose the new
        descriptive phrase classes in `smtk/view`.
      + Use the new qtDescriptivePhraseModel in a panel
        to show resources in ParaView as a behavior.
      + Eliminate client-server duality.
        For now, we work only with PV's built-in server,
        not separate client+server processes.
        This means that there is no need for operator
        forwarding, separate resources on the client and server,
        problems synchronizing the client-only attribute panels
        with models that are modified only on the server, etc.
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      Progress on #85 (consistent target + option names). · eaf24846
      David Thompson authored
      This patch includes the following changes:
      + Eliminate a shiboken warning (do not wrap cJSON methods).
      + Fix a stupid mistake causing a warning in ExportJSON.
      + A scripted rename. Ran this command:
            find smtk/bridge -type f -exec vim -S /path/to/vscr {} \;
        where `vscr` contained
      + Another scripted rename:
            find smtk/extension -type f -exec vim -S /path/to/vscr {} \;
        where `vscr` is a vim script containing:
      + Add VTK-style Python wrapping to the classes in vtkSMTKExt
        (which cannot be named smtkVTKExt because of VTK's build system).
        This should close #97.
      + Fixes to get things building again.
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