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      ENH: Add new line edit widget for doubles · fad14594
      Bob Obara authored
      This widget was copied and modified from ParaView.  It displayes a lower precision value by default for easier viewing
      but when edited it displays the full precision value.
      Also changed ValueItem::valueAsString to convert double to a full precision format.
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      Merge topic 'FixingSettingColorViaGUI' into release · c964591b
      Bob Obara authored
      a97f597b BUG: Fixing the mechanism for assiging color via the color icon
      Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <kwrobot@kitware.com>
      Acked-by: T.J. Corona's avatarT.J. Corona <tj.corona@kitware.com>
      Merge-request: !1569
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      BUG: Fixing the mechanism for assiging color via the color icon · a97f597b
      Bob Obara authored
      * ComponentPhraseContent will now use an OperationManager if one is available for accessing the setProperty operation else it will explicitly create one.  Using the operationManager will allow the 3D render view know the entity was modified
      * PhaseModel will now provide the operationManager associated with its first Source if it exists.  TODO: more work is needed to deal with multiple sources.
      * Unset colors now have opacity set to 255 and not 0 when using a color dialog
      * Canceling a color dialog no longer clears the entity's color to being unset.  Instead it leaves its color unchanged.
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      BUG: Assign Colors Op can Freeze GUI · bcd8074a
      Bob Obara authored
      * Selecting a color palette and applying it will stop QT from responding.
      * The workaround that works is to recreate the pqPreset Dialog after the
      palette has been successfully selected.
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      BUG: Items not updated if switching Attributes in Attribute View · e3c57585
      Bob Obara authored
      If an QlineEdit box was being editting and the user then switched attributes from the top list, the corresponding Attribute Item would fail to update.
      This was caused by the QTable's signals being processed before the QlineEdit's EdittingFinished signal - the Table's signals are now Queued so the
      lineEdit signals can be directly processed first.
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      ENH:Handling Multilevel ReSizing in qtItems · 4b7ff200
      Bob Obara authored
      Currently only Discrete Items will emit qtItem::widgetSizeChanged signals. This means that if
      there are nested Discrete Items or if there are Discrete Items containing Group Items, the resizing
      signal would not be properly fired.
      This change addresses these cases.
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