Commit 4ed447e4 authored by David Thompson's avatar David Thompson

Attempt to fix read-the-docs.

The errors appear to be related to pyparsing being newer than
sphinx-doxylink (which has not been updated in years).
Explicitly list the requirements file and force a contemporaneous
version of pyparsing.
parent 17d1bbe9
version: 2.7
requirements_file: doc/requirements/dev.txt
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
import sys
import os
readTheDocs = os.environ.get('READTHEDOCS', None) == 'True'
readTheDocs = os.environ.get('READTHEDOCS', None) != None
sys.path.append(os.getcwd()) # So that the findfigure package can be imported
# FIXME: Is the penultimate argument always the source dir?
sourcedir = sys.argv[-2]
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