Commit 2eb3702e authored by Aron Helser's avatar Aron Helser

Removed one problematic test, displayMultiBlockModel-simple

Old file format, and renders without alpha on some
dashboard machines. Add some changenotes about testing.
parent 094e3120
## Test changes
- Removed one problematic test, `displayMultiBlockModel-simple`, that used an outdated input file and rendered differently on some dashboard systems.
- Added `knee.ex2` exodus test data, used by ModelBuilder tests for now.
- If we are running tests, don't display the "Your data is modified, save changes?" dialog on exit.
......@@ -33,15 +33,6 @@ target_link_libraries(displayModelToMesh
# Only run tests if the data directory exists
NAME displayMultiBlockModel-simple
-V "${SMTK_DATA_DIR}/baseline/smtk/vtk/simple-with-colors.png"
NAME displayMultiBlockModel-test2D
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