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    Revamp PV-SMTK selection integration. · fd5e3274
    David Thompson authored
    ParaView's selection-handling rewrites the VTK selection created
    during pick events, dropping information that SMTK needs to recover
    component IDs. To address this, ParaView has moved its rewrite
    logic into a new class, named `vtkPVEncodeSelectionForServers`,
    which applications (or plugins) can override using the vtkObjectFactory.
    SMTK now overrides creation of this class, returning a custom subclass
    named `vtkSMTKEncodeSelection`. This class is created on the client
    and dispatches ParaView selections to operations in a new group
    (VTKSelectionRespondersGroup). These operations are provided access
    to the client-side SMTK selection instance and the first operation
    to process a given resource is accepted as the selection updater
    for that resource.
    This commit also adds a toolbar filter-option for selecting instance
    entities and an icon for instances in the resource browser widget.