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    Various improvements and fixes to the GUI. · ef965d1e
    David Thompson authored
    + Refactor the resource-panel decorator into a method.
    + Properly update the attribute when the sphere widget changes.
      ParaView now emits a signal when properties are changed via Qt.
      Use it to update the SMTK attribute's item(s).
      Do not print errors when none may have occurred.
    + Fix how auxiliary geometry is handled.
      Without this, the RGG extension would be used to load OBJ
      files (rather than the VTK extension) just because it was
      first in the list.
    + Remove redundant created/modified entries in AddAuxiliaryGeometry.
      This appears to be cruft accumulated during the
      migration from ModelEntityItem to ReferenceItem/ComponentItem.
    + Prevent a crash during first-time initialization in qtReferenceItem.
    + Eliminate unneeded code from qtResourceItem.
      The base class now handles this.
    + Override `smtk::resource::Resource::name()`.
      Make the name the stem of the location URL.
      Showing a UUID here is really bad for users,
      so pretty much anything is better.
    + Fix attribute association op's specification.
    + Fix qtResourceItem membership checkboxes.
    + Make qtReferenceItem return the proper "acceptable types" enum,
      which fixes an issue where associations which are supposed to be
      resources instead list components.
    + Add a phrase model that shows the current selection.
    + Allow phrase model sources to include a selection.
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