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    Add an example session and fix several issues. · 2ed0955b
    David Thompson authored
    + Fix style.
        + No tabs are allowed.
        + Only compiler/system headers should use leading underscores in macros.
        + Eliminate unused class-static member.
        + Eliminate warnings.
    + Fix crashes.
        + When destroying the widget for an operation/attribute whose
          qtReferenceItem that had never popped open its drop-down editor,
          a "hide" event was being sent to the widget even though it was
          not visible. Ignore it to avoid a crash.
    + Fix resource phrase to report filename w/o directory.
      If no directory is provided (only a filename), then
      report the current working directory, which is where the
      file will be saved.
    + Fix `smtk:attribute::Attribute::associatedObjects()`.
      This fixes a bad dynamic pointer cast so that persistent
      objects associated to an attribute can be extracted into
      a provided container type.
    + Add a way to query mtime to the VTK aux geom extension.
      This is used by the oscillator to decide when to refresh
      its custom auxiliary geometry's tessellation.
    + Ignore ParaView/Catalyst server connections.
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