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    Many changes related to descriptive phrase views. · cf3795c8
    David Thompson authored
    + Implement `PhraseModel::handleCreated()`.
    + Hold expunged model entities rather than UUIDs.
      Change `smtk::model::Resource::deleteEntities()` so that the expunged
      container holds `Entity` shared-pointers rather than UUIDs;
      this keeps the entity records from going out of scope as they are
      removed from the model resource (long enough that the operation result
      can be processed to remove them from the UI).
    + Properly remove phrases of deleted components.
      This also removes overrides that ResourcePhraseModel provided for
      handling operation results; the base class implementation should
      do what is needed without further work by the subclass.
    + Provide a flatter (two-level) resource tree.
    + Documentation for views and phrases.
    + Improve sorting of descriptive phrases
      by comparing smtk::resource::Component subclasses and
      model entity types.
    + Show a valid icon for lists, not the invalid icon.
    + Eliminate some warnings from other parts of SMTK.
    + Make subphrase generator a user preference in the ParaView extensions.
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