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    Make qtResourceBrowser more useful as a standalone widget. · 51d82b42
    David Thompson authored
    + Allow a subclassed qtDescriptivePhraseModel instance to be passed to
      its constructor.
    + Make the ParaView-specific visibility decorator available for other
      ParaView plugins to use.
    + Expose the qtResourceBrowser's QTreeView.
    + Move most of pqSMTKResourcePanel into qtResourceBrowser (Qt parts) and
      pqSMTKResourceBrowser (ParaView parts).
      This will allow easier customization, and particularly
      allows people to use the widget without it being central to
      a dock widget, making it simpler to configure components in
      the widget that are needed at construction time.
    + Also, make pqSMTKResourcePanel::Internal::m_phraseModel point to
      the base class (PhraseModel) rather than the particular subclass
      we use (ResourcePhraseModel).
    + Better nullptr testing to prevent crashes when invalid QModelIndex values
      are used.
    + Test whether the model passed to qtDescriptivePhraseDelegate::editorEvent
      is a QAbstractItemModel such as QSortFilterProxyModel; if it is, then map
      the index.
    + Store descriptive phrase pointers in QVariants and provide a way to
      obtain phrase pointers from a QModelIndex without access to the
      underlying QAbstractItemModel.
      This allows clean separation between our QAbstractItemModel subclass
      and classes that consume its QModelIndex instances.
      The separation makes it possible to pass a QAbstractProxyModel to
      use instead of a qtDescriptivePhraseModel so that searching can
      be exposed in the GUI.
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