Commit c71ba603 authored by John Tourtellott's avatar John Tourtellott

Merge branch 'flow-card-fix' into 'truchas-export'

Update for input file format change

See merge request john.tourtellott/simulation-workflows!1
parents 6ecb6cec 8efaf014
......@@ -332,7 +332,7 @@ format_table = {
card('stefan_boltzmann', item_path='stefan-boltzmann')
card('fluid_flow', use_condition_for_boolean=FLOW_ANALYSIS),
card('flow', use_condition_for_boolean=FLOW_ANALYSIS),
card('heat_transport', use_condition_for_boolean=THERMAL_ANALYSIS),
card('electromagnetics', use_condition_for_boolean=INDUCTION_HEATING),
card('body_force', att_type='physics', item_path='fluid-body-force',
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