Commit 3e32d59e authored by John Tourtellott's avatar John Tourtellott

Rename "Structural Static" label to "Elastic"

parent dfc89409
......@@ -111,8 +111,8 @@ def ExportCMB(spec):
's3p': 'S3P Analysis',
't3p': 'T3P Analysis',
'track3p': 'Track3P Analysis',
'tem3p-eigen': 'TEM3P Structural Eigenmode',
'tem3p-structure': 'TEM3P Structural Static',
'tem3p-eigen': 'TEM3P Eigenmode',
'tem3p-structure': 'TEM3P Elastic',
'tem3p-harmonic': 'TEM3P Harmonic Response',
'tem3p-thermal-linear': 'TEM3P Thermal Linear',
'tem3p-thermal-nonlinear': 'TEM3P Thermal Nonlinear'
......@@ -26,15 +26,15 @@
<Analysis Type="Track3P Analysis">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Structural Eigenmode">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Eigenmode">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Elastic">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Harmonic Response">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Structural Static">
<Analysis Type="TEM3P Thermal Linear">
......@@ -73,8 +73,8 @@
<View Title="T3P" Category="T3P"/>
<View Title="Track3P" Category="Track3P" />
<View Title="TEM3P Harmonic Response" Category="TEM3P-Harmonic" />
<View Title="TEM3P Structural Eigenmode" Category="TEM3P-Eigen" />
<View Title="TEM3P Structural Static" Category="TEM3P-Static" />
<View Title="TEM3P Eigenmode" Category="TEM3P-Eigen" />
<View Title="TEM3P Elastic" Category="TEM3P-Static" />
<View Title="TEM3P Thermal Linear" Category="TEM3P-Linear-Thermal" />
<View Title="TEM3P Thermal Nonlinear" Category="TEM3P-Nonlinear-Thermal" />
<View Title="TEM3P ThermoElastic" Category="TEM3P-ThermoElastic" />
......@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
<View Type="Group" Title="TEM3P Structural Eigenmode" TabPosition="North" TabIcons="false">
<View Type="Group" Title="TEM3P Eigenmode" TabPosition="North" TabIcons="false">
<View Title="TEM3P Mechanical BC" />
<View Title="TEM3P Material" />
......@@ -130,7 +130,7 @@
<View Type="Group" Title="TEM3P Structural Static" TabPosition="North" TabIcons="false">
<View Type="Group" Title="TEM3P Elastic" TabPosition="North" TabIcons="false">
<View Title="TEM3P Mechanical BC" />
<View Title="TEM3P Material" />
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