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    Merge topic 'ImproveCPackDoc-reloaded' · 4f9c114d
    David Cole authored
    d4b77eba Avoid discovering system infos for documentation. Adding some path is enough.
    9002f73f Fix non existent std::string::clear on VS6
    02ccb329 Create getDocumentedModulesListInDir which may be used in other context.
    24fbc28e Add missing section markup for CPackComponent
    bafd8a9e Example of builtin variable documentation (i.e. only used in C++ source code).
    543f1adf Make the load of script documentation more efficient and dynamic.
    cdbd1a9e Fix another compiler warning due to a typo
    52c53deb Really avoid compiler warning about unused vars
    37f90ed5 Calm down compiler warning about unused var
    7c82b7f5 Fix potential bad memory access, thanks to Eike
    62b589b4 Suppress unused var, beautify code, avoid 1 extra newline.
    751713f5 Update bash completion file in order to handle new CPack doc options.
    1629615a CPack Documentation extraction from CMake script begins to work
    83e34dd9 Implement simple CMake script comment markup language.
    c6a01694 CPack begin the implementation of --help-command* and --help-variables*
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