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    target_compile_options: Add syntax to specify shell strings · ce0b9832
    Brad King authored
    are deduplicated, but individual options can legitimately be duplicated
    when grouped with other options, e.g.
        -D A -D B
    After deduplication that becomes `-D A B`.  Therefore we need a way to
    treat groups of options as units during deduplication.  A simple approach
    is to specify each group as one option, e.g.
        "-D A" "-D B"
    However, that conflicts with options that legitimately have spaces.  To
    break this ambiguity, add a `SHELL:` prefix syntax to specify that an
    option should be parsed like shell command line arguments after
    deduplication, e.g.
        "SHELL:-D A" "SHELL:-D B"
    These will survive deduplication intact, and then be parsed to produce
    `-D A -D B` on the final command line.
    Fixes: #15826
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