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    Fix lookup of an ALIAS target outside aliased target's directory (#16044) · bc30f8b5
    Brad King authored
    Refactoring in commit v3.5.0-rc1~272^2~11 (cmTarget: Implement ALIAS in
    terms of name mapping, 2015-10-25) accidentally introduced logic that
    assumes ALIAS targets always reference targets in their own directory.
    Fix this and add a test case.
    The configure-step fix is that `cmMakefile::FindTarget` should not consider
    aliases.  The purpose of this method is just to look up targets local to
    a directory.  Since ALIAS and normal targets share a namespace we know a
    locally defined target will never collide with an ALIAS target anyway.
    The method has 3 call sites, and this change is safe for all of them:
    * `cmInstallCommand::HandleTargetsMode`: Rejects aliases before the call.
    * `cmFLTKWrapUICommand::FinalPass`: Should never have considered aliases.
    * `cmMakefile::FindTargetToUse`: Falls back to a global lookup anyway.
    The generate-step fix is that `cmLocalGenerator::FindGeneratorTarget`
    should not consider aliases.  This method is the generate-step
    equivalent to the above.  The method has 2 call sites, and this change
    is safe for both of them:
    * `cmInstallTargetGenerator::Compute`: Never uses an alias target name.
    * `cmLocalGenerator::FindGeneratorTargetToUse`: Falls back to global lookup.
    Reported-by: Matteo Settenvini's avatarMatteo Settenvini <matteo@member.fsf.org>
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