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    FindOpenGL: Provide imported targets for GL and GLU · 027ce359
    Brad King authored
    Create OpenGL::GL and OpenGL::GLU imported targets using the locations
    This feature was originally added by commit v3.1.0-rc1~420^2~2
    (FindOpenGL: Provide imported targets for GL and GLU, 2014-05-31) but
    had to be reverted by commit v3.1.0-rc3~10^2 (FindOpenGL: Revert support
    for imported targets, 2014-12-01) due to issue #15267.  Since then we
    added support for `IMPORTED_LIBNAME` to interface libraries, so use it
    to handle the case where we have only the library name without an
    absolute path.
    Inspired-by: default avatarPhilipp Möller <bootsarehax@googlemail.com>
    Closes: #15267
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