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    CTest: Look for CTestConfig.cmake in build dir first, then source dir · 76ecdd8d
    Jean-Christophe Fillion-Robin authored
    Provide the ability to configure CTest with settings different from the ones
    available in the source tree by checking first if CTestConfig.cmake
    exists in the build tree.
    The motivation is to allow build system checking out external project to
    test and/or package them and submit the associated results to a different
    dashboard than the one specified (or not) in the source of the external
    For example, the build system of Slicer can checkout, build, test
    and package what I will  call "extensions". These extensions can be developed
    by third parties who can test and submit to their own dashboard / project.
    When checked out by Slicer build system, the default dashboard can now be
    overwritten by adding a custom CTestConfig.cmake to the build directory.
    And if not overwritten, it would avoid to create CTestConfig.cmake within
    the source checkout of the extension.
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