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    Add CTestLimitDashJ test (#12904) · e378ba5f
    David Cole authored
    Add a test that verifies that when ctest -j 4 is called, at most, 4 tests
    are executed at any one time.
    The test works by running the same script as each of 100 tests. And then setting
    up test properties for DEPENDS, RUN_SERIAL, PROCESSORS and COST in order to get
    the tests to run in a semi-deterministic ordering, even in parallel. The script
    writes a file, sleeps for a bit, and then deletes the file. In the meantime, it
    counts files that currently exist, and emits output that triggers a test failure
    if the count of files is ever greater than 4.
    Prior to the commit that fixed bug #12904, this would result in a failed test
    because the output of some of the tests would indicate that more than 4 tests
    were running simultaneously.
    Now that this issue is resolved, this test will help guarantee that it stays
    resolved moving forward.
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