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    FindJsonCpp: Drop new module due to upstream jsoncpp providing package · a5768442
    Brad King authored
    Since jsoncpp 0.7.0 (2014-11-20) the upstream may provide a CMake
    package configuration file such that find_package(jsoncpp) will find a
    jsoncppConfig.cmake file.  In order to avoid conflicting with this
    (especially on case-insensitive filesystems), and since we always prefer
    projects to provide package config files (that they maintain), it is
    better to not provide FindJsonCpp publicly.
    Move FindJsonCpp into a private source directory that is not installed
    so that we can still use it for building CMake itself.
    Reported-by: Ryan Pavlik's avatarRyan Pavlik <ryan.pavlik@gmail.com>
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