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      Link libraries by full path even in implicit directories · 882f48e5
      Brad King authored
      When CMP0003 was first introduced we wanted to link all libraries by
      full path.  However, some projects had problems on platforms where
      find_library would find /usr/lib/libfoo.so when the project really
      wanted to link to /usr/lib/<arch>/libfoo.so and had been working by
      accident because pre-CMP0003 behavior used -lfoo to link.
      We first tried to address that in commit v2.6.0~440 (Teach find_library
      to avoid returning library paths in system directories, 2008-01-23) by
      returning just "foo" for libraries in implicit link directories.  This
      caused problems for projects expecting find_library to always return a
      full path.  We ended up using the solution in commit v2.6.0~366 (...
      switch library paths found in implicit link directories to use -l,
      2008-01-31).  However, the special case for libraries in implicit link
      directories has also proven problematic and confusing.
      Introduce policy CMP0060 to switch to linking all libraries by full path
      even if they are in implicit link directories.  Explain in the policy
      documentation the factors that led to the original approach and now to
      this approach.