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      CUDA: Do not create CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_COMPILER cache entry · bff4651f
      Brad King authored
      Users can create it through an explicit command-line option if desired.
      Initializing the variable as an empty cache entry can wipe out a normal
      variable of the same name that may have been set by a toolchain file.
      Since commit v3.8.0-rc1~261^2~11 (CUDA: Use the host compiler for
      linking CUDA executables and shared libs, 2016-09-19) we save the value
      of `CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_COMPILER` persistently in the compiler information
      file as a normal variable.
      Fixes: #17935
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      CUDA: Fix default selection of host compiler used to drive linking · 7914fb82
      Brad King authored
      When no explicit `CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_COMPILER` is specified by the user
      then we do not pass `-ccbin` to `nvcc`.  In this case, nvcc's link line
      we extract during the compiler identification step may not have the
      absolute path to the host compiler it uses to drive linking.  If it is
      not absolute, use the `PATH=` from nvcc's output to search for it since
      that is the one `nvcc` would use.
      This fixes our internal `CMAKE_CUDA_HOST_LINK_LAUNCHER` value used to
      construct link lines when using `CUDA` as the linker language.  It needs
      to match the host compiler `nvcc` uses internally during compilation.
      Fixes: #17323
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      CUDA: Implement nvcc implicit link line extraction more robustly · e3f404fe
      Brad King authored
      Do not assume that the implicit link line is the last line of the output
      from `nvcc -v`.  Instead first find the `LIBRARIES=` line, and then look
      for that content on a later line.  It appears twice.  First on a call to
      `nvlink`, which we ignore.  Later it appears on the implicit link line.
      Extract the latter line.  On failure, abort with a `FATAL_ERROR` so that
      the user does not try to build without proper link information.
      Once we have the line, parse it with `separate_arguments` using the
      `UNIX_COMMAND` option just like `CMakeParseImplicitLinkInfo` already
      does.  This robustly parses the command line and removes quoting.
      Then extract the first argument as the host link launcher.
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