1. 08 Oct, 2009 2 commits
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      Reduce duration of ctest_sleep arguments. Add SmallAndFast project. Replace... · c16ac1a3
      David Cole authored
      Reduce duration of ctest_sleep arguments. Add SmallAndFast project. Replace kwsys with SmallAndFast to make CTestTest faster. (I will keep an eye on coverage results after this commit and make sure we still have equivalent ctest coverage.)
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      Split Borland compiler information files · 0653286d
      Brad King authored
      This commit re-writes Borland compiler build rules.  We split the rules
      into modern <os>-<id>-<lang> information modules but share a common
      macro between languages to avoid duplication.
      We also address a bug in the previous rules that would build some target
      types against the static Borland runtime and others against the shared
      Borland runtime in one build tree.  Now we always use the shared runtime
      as is the default in the rules for MS tools.
  2. 07 Oct, 2009 4 commits
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      Make Complex test of CMakeLib more optional · 7dcfc8d2
      Brad King authored
      Previously we passed inputs to the decision to each Complex test and let
      the test source decide.  This commit moves the decision out of the tests
      and makes it an option() in their source.  This makes it possible to
      build the Complex tests from outside the CMake test tree.
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      Fix find_package() when <pkg>_DIR is wrong · 71910b3f
      Brad King authored
      When <pkg>_DIR is set to an incorrect version we search again and store
      the result in the variable, even if it is <pkg>_DIR-NOTFOUND.
      There was a bug in the case when the new search does not find anything
      and the old value came from a cache entry with UNINITALIZED type.  The
      command used to try to load a package configuration file from the last
      place searched, and would leave the old wrong value in the entry.  This
      commit fixes the behavior to avoid trying to load a missing file and to
      set the value to <pkg>_DIR-NOTFOUND as expected.
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      More robust implicit link line detection regex · fff1c6d2
      Brad King authored
      The regex used by CMAKE_PARSE_IMPLICIT_LINK_INFO to detect link lines
      should not match lines that happen to have ".../ld.../..." in them.  A
      linker name should match only as the last component of a path.
      See issue #9666.
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  3. 06 Oct, 2009 3 commits
  4. 05 Oct, 2009 6 commits
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      Fortran test: Match config for external project · d4342e8a
      Brad King authored
      In the Fortran test we use a custom command to build another Fortran
      project internally.  The project provides a Fortran module and library
      to which to link.  This commit teaches the test to build the extra
      project using the same build configuration as the main project.
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      Fix Preprocess test for Intel on Windows · 58a616de
      Brad King authored
      We need to leave out the '%' character from tests with the Intel
      compiler.  Since '%' needs to be written '%%' in NMake when not using a
      response file but just '%' when using a response file, we just skip the
      character for now.  It works with MSVC in NMake only because that
      compiler expects '%%' inside response files, which do get used.
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      Fix ModuleDefinition test for Intel on Windows · f1b7e620
      Brad King authored
      CMake defines MSVC only for a VS compiler, but the Intel compiler adds
      the preprocessor definition _MSC_VER.  Instead of relying on separate
      tests to decide whether to use example_dll_2, we do one test in CMake
      and then add our own preprocessor definition.
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      Fix PrecompiledHeader test for Intel on Windows · 667f0724
      Brad King authored
      This commit updates the test's sanity check to allow Intel too.
      Previously it refused to run on non-MSVC compilers.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Test target link information invalidation · 750eb105
      Brad King authored
      We test this by adding export(TARGETS) to the LinkLanguage test to
      export the executable before the library is linked to it.  Since
      export(TARGETS) computes the link interface of the target (so that it
      can export it), this ensures that the information is recomputed after
      the link library is added.
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