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      Features: Make feature recording conditions more consistent · 684e4d20
      Brad King authored
      Condition all calls to `_record_compiler_features_{c,cxx}` on
      `_result EQUAL 0` so that adding new language standards later does
      not need to update them.  Avoid some duplicate compiler version
      checks by conditioning C11 and CXX14 feature recording on the
      existence of `CMAKE_{C11,CXX14}_STANDARD_COMPILE_OPTION` (whose
      setting already used the version check).
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      Project: Guess default standard dialect if compiler was forced (#15852) · 441dba80
      Brad King authored
      Prior to commit v3.4.0-rc1~71^2 (Project: Determine default language
      dialect for the compiler, 2015-09-15) we always guessed the default
      language standard dialect based on the compiler version.  This was not
      reliable so that commit switched to computing the default language
      standard dialect while detecting the compiler id.
      When a toolchain file uses CMakeForceCompiler to set the compiler id
      then the detection does not occur.  Therefore commit v3.4.0-rc1~54^2
      (Project: Don't require computed default dialect if compiler was forced,
      2015-09-22) made the lack of detection an error only if the compiler was
      not forced.  However, this means that projects using CMakeForceCompiler
      no longer even get the guess that we had before so <LANG>_COMPILER does
      not work.
      Due to the sophistication of CMake's compiler detection logic projects
      should be ported away from using CMakeForceCompiler.  In the meantime,
      restore a guess of the default language standard dialect when the
      compiler is forced.
  9. 22 Sep, 2015 1 commit
    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Project: Don't require computed default dialect if compiler was forced. · d1375851
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Commit 7235334a (Project: Determine default language dialect for the
      compiler., 2015-09-15) introduced a mechanism to determine the default
      dialect used for the running compiler.  If conditions in
      the <CompilerId>-<Lang>.cmake file are such that compile features for
      that version of the compiler should be supported, the _DEFAULT_STANDARD
      is set to the computed value.
      However, the CMakeForceCompiler module allows users to bypass execution of the
      compiler by CMake.  In that case, do not set the _DEFAULT_STANDARD variable at
      all, which effectively disables the compile-features where the module is used.
      No compile features have ever been recorded where the module is used so no
      functionality is lost.
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    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Features: Don't record for AppleClang · ded30405
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Features are currently recorded accidentally for all versions of
      AppleClang > 3.4 (I have no idea how that relates to upstream
      Clang). Presumably that version has the features which are
      accidentally recorded, but in the future features will be
      recorded initially for only AppleClang >= 5.1, which would
      appear as a feature regression.
      Commit v3.1.0-rc1~635^2~11 (Don't load Clang-CXX from
      AppleClang-CXX., 2013-11-11) ajusted the logic for the CXX
      language.  Make a similar change for the C language.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Clang: Add separate "AppleClang" compiler id · ab658624
      Brad King authored
      Apple distributes their own Clang build with their own version numbers
      that differ from upstream Clang.  Use the __apple_build_version__ symbol
      to identify the Apple Clang compiler and report the Apple Build Version
      as the fourth version component in CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_VERSION.  Add
      Compiler/AppleClang-<lang> and Platform/Darwin-AppleClang-<lang> modules
      that simply include the upstream equivalents.
      Fix comparisons of CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID to Clang in CMake's own
      source and tests to account for AppleClang.