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      QNX: Fix detection of QCC compiler id (#15349) · 9c9bc712
      Brad King authored
      In commit v3.1.0-rc1~113^2 (Use a more reliable regex for extracting
      binary INFO strings, 2014-09-03) the matching of INFO: strings was made
      more strict and no longer matches just "INFO:qnxnto".  Use
      "INFO:qnxnto[]" instead to conform to the new pattern.
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      QNX: Introduce QCC compiler id for that QNX platform compiler. · e00db59d
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Introduce policy CMP0047 to control resetting the id for
      De-duplicate content in the QNX platform file by including the GNU
      one. QNX is a form of GNU platform.
      Do not clear CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_${lang}_FLAGS variables.  They
      are populated again later by the Compiler/GNU.cmake file anyway.
      Modify the CMAKE_CXX_COMPILE_OBJECT variable only when the QCC
      compiler id is in use, and the language is CXX.  Use the QNX
      recommended flag for QCC instead of the gcc compatible -x flag.
      Populate new module files to handle system includes and depfiles
      when using the QCC compiler.
      Remove code which unsets the system include and depfiles related
      variables.  When a GNU driver is used instead of the QCC one, the
      appropriate flags will be used.  These variables were previously
      cleared for lowest-common-denominator compatibility with both
  9. 28 Oct, 2013 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Require CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER to be found as a full path · 3e04946f
      Brad King authored
      All generators now support detection of the full path to the compiler, so
      require it to be so.  This will allow CMake<LANG>Information.cmake and
      other logic to assume the full path to the compiler tool is available.
      The Makefile generators already rejected CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER values
      that did not name an existing compiler.  Extend this error message to
      all generators, make it occur as early as possible, and improve the
      message with advice about how to set the compiler.  If the full path to
      the compiler is not known, finish enabling languages with a fatal error
      so configuration does not continue.
      For now, allow the RC language compiler to not be a full path.  Later we
      will need to detect the full path to "rc" under the VS IDE.
      Add a RunCMake.CompilerNotFound test to cover failure cases.
      Fix the RunCMake.CompilerChange test EmptyCompiler case to work
      when configuration does not continue past enable_language.
  10. 18 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      Intel: When simulating MSVC, re-use Windows-MSVC (#14476) · a85e17e6
      Brad King authored
      Teach CMake(C|CXX|Fortran)CompilerId* to report the MSVC version
      simulated by the Intel compiler, if any.  Refactor the Windows-Intel
      platform information helper module to load Windows-MSVC instead of
      duplicating the information.  Teach Windows-MSVC to understand when
      it is loaded as the simulated Fortran compiler (its preprocessor is
  11. 07 Oct, 2013 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Clang: Add separate "AppleClang" compiler id · ab658624
      Brad King authored
      Apple distributes their own Clang build with their own version numbers
      that differ from upstream Clang.  Use the __apple_build_version__ symbol
      to identify the Apple Clang compiler and report the Apple Build Version
      as the fourth version component in CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_VERSION.  Add
      Compiler/AppleClang-<lang> and Platform/Darwin-AppleClang-<lang> modules
      that simply include the upstream equivalents.
      Fix comparisons of CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_ID to Clang in CMake's own
      source and tests to account for AppleClang.
  12. 04 Oct, 2013 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      Clang: Support Windows variants for GNU and MSVC (#13035, #14458) · 3d8356d4
      Brad King authored
      Teach the compiler identification preprocessor tests to report when
      Clang simulates MSVC, and what version.  If not MSVC, assume GNU.
      Teach compiler information modules Clang-(C|CXX) to recognize when Clang
      simulates MSVC and skip loading the GNU information.
      Teach the Windows-MSVC platform information to recognize when it is
      loaded as the simulated compiler and use that version information
      instead of the real compiler's (different) version scheme.
      Add platform modules Windows-Clang-(C|CXX) and support module
      Windows-Clang to load either Windows-MSVC or Windows-GNU and wrap
      the corresponding information macros.
    • Brad King's avatar
      CMakeDetermineCompilerId: Add notion of "simulated" id/version · 51ab85c3
      Brad King authored
      Some compilers try to simulate other compilers as a drop-in replacement
      supporting all the same command-line options and predefined preprocessor
      macros.  In such cases it will be useful to have CMake load the compiler
      information files for the simulated compiler instead of duplicating the
      information.  Teach CMakeDetermineCompilerId to extract the simulated
      compiler id and version when the compiler id detection provides it.
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