1. 29 Oct, 2019 1 commit
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      ctest: Add --repeat-until-pass option · 80c2c9d1
      Brad King authored
      Add an option to re-run tests if they fail.  This will help tolerate
      sporadic failures.
      Issue: #17010
      Co-Author: Ben Boeckel <ben.boeckel@kitware.com>
      Co-Author: Chuck Atkins <chuck.atkins@kitware.com>
  2. 27 Oct, 2019 2 commits
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  7. 15 Oct, 2019 2 commits
  8. 14 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Peter Waller's avatar
      cmake: Fix relative path regression in -C · c9d73b26
      Peter Waller authored
      Since commit 4ca0526f (cmake: Pass -S and -B into PreLoad.cmake and -C
      scripts, 2019-08-20, v3.16.0-rc1~195^2) the value of `CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR`
      is the source directory rather than the current working directory.
      This was correct on its own, but the place storing that value is also
      used as the base for relative paths specified on the command line.
      The latter should of course be relative to the current working
      The fix is to switch to use a full path internally, unless a full path
      is already specified.  Add tests for the behaviour of `-C` under these
      four circumstances:
          {with -S, without -S} x {full path, relative path}
      Fixes: #19827
  9. 12 Oct, 2019 3 commits
  10. 10 Oct, 2019 2 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      Add deprecation warnings for policies CMP0069 and below · d00bb419
      Brad King authored
      The OLD behaviors of all policies are deprecated, but only by
      documentation.  Add an explicit deprecation diagnostic for policies
      introduced in CMake 3.9 and below to encourage projects to port away
      from setting policies to OLD.
    • Craig Scott's avatar
      CLI: Rename --loglevel to --log-level for naming consistency · 7bbddeb7
      Craig Scott authored
      Other multi-word command line options use hyphens to separate
      the words, so the --loglevel option introduced in CMake 3.15 was
      inconsistent in this regard. Rename it to --log-level but still support
      the original --loglevel name to preserve backward compatibility.
  11. 07 Oct, 2019 1 commit
    • Corentin Plouët's avatar
      Graphviz: added test suite, fixes, enhancements · 55365839
      Corentin Plouët authored
      * Added a fairly comprehensive test suite
      * Separated the graph traversal logic from the Graphviz generation
        code by introducing a new class, cmLinkItemsGraphVisitor{.h,cxx}
      * Made the graph traversal logic less ad-hoc by using existing
        methods in the GlobalGenerator; this fixed a few bugs
      * Added support for new target types: custom targets, object
        and unknown libraries
      * Improved support for ALIAS libraries by showing the alias(es)
        in the graph
      * Introduced new flags to control those new libraries (consistent
        with existing flags)
      * Updated the documentation
      * Removed useless setting to set graph type in dot file
      * Improved the node/edge shapes (nicer, more consistent)
      * Added a legend to the graph
      * Some refactoring and cleanup of the Graphviz generation code
      * Added test and fix for issue 19746
  12. 03 Oct, 2019 2 commits
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  15. 30 Sep, 2019 3 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      Tests: Cover EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL OFF on sub/sub/tgt in sub/all · 8a15e75f
      Brad King authored
      Issue: #19753
    • Brad King's avatar
      Ninja,Makefile: Fix subdir "all" with nested EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL subdir · 0733a94f
      Brad King authored
      The "all" target defined for a subdirectory (e.g. `cd sub; make` or
      `ninja sub/all`) should not include the "all" targets from nested
      subdirectories (e.g. `sub/sub`) that are marked as `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL`.
      Fix this and add a test case.
      Issue: #19753
      Co-Author: Sebastian Holtermann <sebholt@xwmw.org>
    • Brad King's avatar
      Restore "all" target in subdirectories marked EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL · b3b1c7bf
      Brad King authored
      The "all" target in each directory is supposed to have targets from that
      directory even if the directory itself is marked `EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL` in
      its parent.  This was broken by commit dc688857 (Pass EXCLUDE_FROM_ALL
      from directory to targets, 2019-01-15, v3.14.0-rc1~83^2) which made the
      participation of a target in "all" independent of context.  Revert much
      of the logic change from that commit to restore the old behavior.  Then
      re-implement the behavior intended by the commit to keep its test
      working.  Extend the test to cover the old behavior too.
      Fixes: #19753
  16. 27 Sep, 2019 1 commit
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