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    • Brad King's avatar
      Tolerate cycles in shared library link interfaces (#12647) · 8e756d2b
      Brad King authored
      Since commit 183b9509 (Follow all dependencies of shared library private
      dependencies, 2011-12-14) we honor LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES when
      following dependent shared libraries.  The link interface properties may
      form a cycle if set incorrectly by a project.  Furthermore, the property
      LINK_DEPENDENT_LIBRARIES may form a cycle if set incorrectly by hand
      (though CMake should never generate one).  In either case, do not follow
      the cycle forever when following the dependent shared library closure.
      We only need to add dependency edges to the constraint graph once.
      Add "LinkInterfaceLoop" test to cover this case.
    • Brad King's avatar
      Add infrastructure for CMake-only tests · 9a20abf0
      Brad King authored
      Some tests only need to run CMake to configure and generate a build
      tree, but not actually perform the build.  Add a new "Tests/CMakeOnly"
      directory dedicated for this purpose.  Add a helper script to drive each
      test by creating a fresh build tree and running CMake on it.  Add macro
      "add_CMakeOnly_test" to help create tests using the script.
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    • Bill Hoffman's avatar
      Fix the case where cmake --build failed with two project cmds in one file. · 5badf5f7
      Bill Hoffman authored
      This adds a test that uses two project commands in the same CMakeLists.txt
      file.  It also adds a fix so that cmake --build will work in that case.
      The fix sets the name of the last project command in the top level
      CMakeLists.txt in the cache variable CMAKE_PROJECT_NAME.  This variable
      is used by cmake --build to find the project name.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Fix and simplify Fortran test compiler compatibility check · fcb2a279
      Brad King authored
      Since commit 38aab379 (Set CMAKE_<lang>_COMPILER_ID for VS generators,
      2011-09-02) the VS IDE generators set the C and C++ compiler id to MSVC
      and the Fortran compiler id to Intel.  This caused the Fortran test to
      fail compatible compiler detection because the if() test
      is evaluated as the "var MATCHES regex" signature which evaluates the
      compiler id "MSVC" as a variable which is defined to 1 which does not
      match "MSVC".
      Combine tests for non-identical but compatible compiler vendors into a
      single regex match whose left hand side will not be defined as a
  15. 14 Dec, 2011 1 commit
    • Brad King's avatar
      Follow all dependencies of shared library private dependencies · 183b9509
      Brad King authored
      In cmComputeLinkDepends we compute the transitive closure of private
      shared library dependencies.  When a shared library is added to this
      closure we must follow all of its dependencies whether they are private
      or public.  Previously we only followed the private dependencies.  Fix
      the implementation to follow the public dependencies too.  Also extend
      the ExportImport test to cover this case.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Add framework to detect compiler version with its id (#12408) · fa7141f5
      Brad King authored
      Teach CMakePlatformId.h to construct an "INFO:compiler_version[]" string
      literal from macros COMPILER_VERSION_(MAJOR|MINOR|PATCH|TWEAK) to be
      defined in CMake(C|CXX)CompilerId.(c|cpp) for each compiler.  Provide
      conversion macros DEC() and HEX() to decode decimal or hex digits from
      integer values.  Parse the version out of the compiler id binary along
      with the other INFO values already present.
      Store the result in variable CMAKE_<LANG>_COMPILER_VERSION in the format
      "major[.minor[.patch[.tweak]]]".  Save the value persistently in
      CMake(C|CXX)Compiler.cmake in the build tree.  Document the variable for
      internal use since we do not set it everywhere yet.
      Report the compiler version on the compiler id result line e.g.
        The C compiler identification is GNU 4.5.2
      Report CMAKE_(C|CXX)_COMPILER_(ID|VERSION) in SystemInformation test.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      export(): Document undefined behavior of location properties · fea3e84e
      Brad King authored
      Since the export() command needs to know the final location of a target
      in the build tree we cannot allow properties affecting the location or
      name of a target file to be set after the target is passed to export().
      Fix a violation of this rule in the SimpleInstall test.
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