1. 14 Nov, 2016 8 commits
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  3. 10 Nov, 2016 2 commits
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      Features: Detect Intel C++14 mode more reliably · 5e428389
      Brad King authored
      The `__cplusplus` macro is not defined to the language level reliably.
      When simulating MSVC it is always set to `1`.  When simulating GCC it is
      set to the lower value of the current language level and the maximum
      level supported by the simulated version of GCC (from observation).
      For MSVC we already used a combination of `__INTEL_CXX11_MODE__` and
      `__cpp_aggregate_nsdmi` to detect C++14 mode.  Extend this for general
      use by removing the condition on `_MSC_VER`.
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      Features: Fix standards and features for Intel 15 on Windows · be732739
      Brad King authored
      The Intel 15 compiler for Windows does not support the same set of
      standards and features as the same version for other platforms.
  4. 09 Nov, 2016 3 commits
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      WCDH: Ignore language standard meta-features · a34b98a8
      Brad King authored
      The `{c,cxx}_std_*` features are meant for use with
      `target_compile_features` but do not make sense for use with
      WriteCompilerDetectionHeader.  Filter them out of any requested list.
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      Features: Add meta-features requesting awareness of a particular standard · b0996a3f
      Brad King authored
      A common use case of `target_compile_features` is simply to specify that
      the compiler should be run in a mode that is aware of e.g. C++11.  Some
      projects simply specify a particular C++11-only feature to request this.
      Provide a first-class way to do this by naming features after the
      corresponding language standard.  Record them as always available in the
      corresponding standard level so that requesting them always ensures that
      standard (or higher) is used.
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      Features: Centralize per-compiler recording macros · 8b6cc251
      Brad King authored
      Simplify and de-duplicate per-compiler feature recording macros and
      convert to a centralized per-language macro.
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      Features: Do not record features on MSVC < 2010 · 2d23f7b2
      Brad King authored
      We have no feature tests for versions of VS older than 2010, so do
      not even call `record_compiler_features` for such versions.  This
      is consistent with other compilers where we call this macro only
      for versions for which we have recorded features.
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      FindHDF5: Restore pre-3.6 behavior of finding only C by default · ff3ccc1f
      Brad King authored
      Refactoring in commit v3.6.0-rc1~72^2 (HDF5: Rework component searching
      to correctly find HL for all bindings, 2016-05-12) changed the default
      behavior from finding only the C bindings to finding everything for the
      enabled languages.  Restore the original behavior for compatibility and
      because many projects need only the C bindings.
      Closes: #16397
    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      CPackRPM: Fix incorrect variable name in documentation · 4ab3b0c4
      Alex Turbov authored
      `CPACK_RPM_COMPONENT_INSTALL` is the correct variable to set to enable
      component packaging.  `CPACK_RPM_PACKAGE_COMPONENT` is just set to a
      component name when CPack calls corresponding installer.
    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      CPackDeb: Fix incorrect variable name in documentation · e6460e7d
      Alex Turbov authored
      `CPACK_DEB_COMPONENT_INSTALL` is the correct variable to set to enable
      component packaging.  `CPACK_DEB_PACKAGE_COMPONENT` is just set to a
      component name when CPack calls corresponding installer.
  10. 01 Nov, 2016 4 commits
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      UseSWIG: Add option to specify swig output file directory · 8444b984
      congzhangzh authored
      `swig` has two output-related options:
      * `-o <outfile>`: Set name of C/C++ output file to <outfile>
      * `-outdir <dir>`: Set language-specific files output directory to <dir>
      We already have `CMAKE_SWIG_OUTDIR` for the latter.  Add a new
      `SWIG_OUTFILE_DIR` option for the former.
    • Gregor Jasny's avatar
      Darwin: Remove deployment target version check · 93504190
      Gregor Jasny authored
      Starting with Xcode 8 the SDK folder also contains an unversioned entry:
          MacOSX10.12.sdk -> MacOSX.sdk
      If this unversioned path is used CMake cannot detect the SDK version.
      Furthermore, querying the SDK version via
          xcodebuild -sdk <sysroot> -version Path
      gives bogus results for the Command Line Tools installed into `/`.
      The OS X deployment target version and SDK version are not as tied as
      they once were, so this check is now more trouble than it is worth.
      Simply remove it.
      Closes: #16323
    • Gregor Jasny's avatar
      Revert "Xcode: Convert maybe unversioned OSX sysroot into versioned SDK path" · 542d52f9
      Gregor Jasny authored
      Revert commit v3.7.0-rc1~48^2 (Xcode: Convert maybe unversioned OSX
      sysroot into versioned SDK path, 2016-09-25).  The replacement of
      `else()` with `if(CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT)` defeats the prior handling of
      `if("x${CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT}" MATCHES "/")`. This causes the combination
      to not be honored and `-isysroot` to be emitted as a compiler flag
      universally.  We will need another solution to the problem the
      now-reverted commit was meant to address.
      Closes: #16394
  11. 28 Oct, 2016 3 commits
  12. 27 Oct, 2016 3 commits
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      Features: Record features for Intel Compiler on Windows · 369d5809
      Brad King authored
      Since this compiler always defines `__cplusplus` to `1` we need to use
      `_MSC_VER`, `__INTEL_CXX11_MODE__`, and the feature test macro named
      `__cpp_aggregate_nsdmi` to detect C++11 and C++14 modes.
      With no `-Qstd=` flag this compiler defaults to C++98 plus a subset of
      C++11/C++14 features needed to be compatible with MSVC.  We pretend it
      is plain C++98 and add a `-Qstd=` flag whenever needed for C++11 or
      above features even if they would happen to be available in MSVC-mode.
      Closes: #16384
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      Features: Port Intel CXX features to test macros where possible · a5a3642f
      Brad King authored
      The Intel 16 and 17 compilers define feature test macros of the form
      `__cpp_<feature>`.  Use them where possible to detect corresponding
    • Brad King's avatar
      Features: Unset Intel CXX feature temporaries · d34ac22f
      Brad King authored