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    • Brad King's avatar
      RC: Add platform-specific preprocessor definitions (#15404) · 772eae44
      Brad King authored
      In Platform/Windows-MSVC the C and CXX flags are initialized to
      contain preprocessor definitions describing the platform.  On
      WinCE platforms this may not be just -DWIN32.  This information
      may be important to RC sources too, so add such preprocessor
      definitions to the default RC flags.
      Suggested-by: default avatarGunnar Roth <gunnar.roth@gmx.de>
    • Brad King's avatar
      RC: Enable language after C, CXX, or Fortran is enabled (#15404) · 4300de3e
      Brad King authored
      The RC language is special in that it is automatically enabled
      on Windows-based platforms when another primary language is
      enabled.  Move enablement of RC from early in the enablement
      of the other language to late.  This will allow it to use
      information detected as part of enabling C, CXX, or Fortran.