1. 10 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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    • Chuck Atkins's avatar
      Cray: Refactor the Cray platform files to use compiler wrapper checks · a7ef0225
      Chuck Atkins authored
      This is an extensive refactoring of the Cray compiler wrapper usage.
      Using the new compiler wrapper checks, the CrayPrgEnv info files have
      been moved from Platform/ to Compiler/.  The adjusted naming convention
      allows the compiler-wrapper information files to be loaded for both the
      CrayLinuxEnvironment platform when cross-compiling and the Linux
      platform if building natively on the Cray compute nodes.  It also
      creates a separation of common arguments for compiler id and language
      information used to perform the appropriate introspection of implicit
      arguments and libraries used by the compiler wrappers based on the
      loaded module environment.
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    • Roger Leigh's avatar
      FindBoost: Add imported targets · 3f9b081f
      Roger Leigh authored
      Targets include:
      - Boost::boost: Target for header-only dependencies
      - Boost::<C>: Target for specific component dependency
      - Boost::diagnostic_definitions: adds BOOST_LIB_DIAGNOSTIC
      - Boost::disable_autolinking: adds BOOST_ALL_NO_LIB
      - Boost::dynamic_linking: adds BOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK
    • Roger Leigh's avatar
      FindBoost: Automatically add missing component dependencies · 01c80acd
      Roger Leigh authored
      The function _Boost_MISSING_DEPENDENCIES will look at the
      user-supplied component list, check the dependency
      information for each component using
      _Boost_COMPONENT_DEPENDENCIES, and will add any missing
      dependencies to the component list.  This ensures that
      all required components will be searched for.
    • Roger Leigh's avatar
      FindBoost: Embed component dependency table · 5183c6e5
      Roger Leigh authored
      The function _Boost_COMPONENT_DEPENDENCIES is used to query the
      library dependencies for a given component for a given version of
      Boost.  This covers Boost releases from 1.33 to 1.59, using the
      information generated by Utilities/Scripts/BoostScanDeps.cmake.
    • Simon Levermann's avatar
      CPack/DragNDrop: Allow single license for multiple languages · ae434ee2
      Simon Levermann authored
      When both CPACK_DMG_SLA_DIR and CPACK_RESOURCE_FILE_LICENSE are defined,
      use the license file for all languages instead of looking for a license
      file for each language.  Also expand the documentation on the SLA
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Project: Guess default standard dialect if compiler was forced (#15852) · 441dba80
      Brad King authored
      Prior to commit v3.4.0-rc1~71^2 (Project: Determine default language
      dialect for the compiler, 2015-09-15) we always guessed the default
      language standard dialect based on the compiler version.  This was not
      reliable so that commit switched to computing the default language
      standard dialect while detecting the compiler id.
      When a toolchain file uses CMakeForceCompiler to set the compiler id
      then the detection does not occur.  Therefore commit v3.4.0-rc1~54^2
      (Project: Don't require computed default dialect if compiler was forced,
      2015-09-22) made the lack of detection an error only if the compiler was
      not forced.  However, this means that projects using CMakeForceCompiler
      no longer even get the guess that we had before so <LANG>_COMPILER does
      not work.
      Due to the sophistication of CMake's compiler detection logic projects
      should be ported away from using CMakeForceCompiler.  In the meantime,
      restore a guess of the default language standard dialect when the
      compiler is forced.
  9. 18 Nov, 2015 3 commits
  10. 16 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • April Chin's avatar
      SunOS: Remove obsolete Studio compiler library directories · 6772913f
      April Chin authored
      Our CMAKE_PLATFORM_IMPLICIT_LINK_DIRECTORIES setting is no longer needed
      because CMAKE_<LANG>_IMPLICIT_LINK_DIRECTORIES is now populated with the
      actual implicit link directories for the current toolchain.  The old
      values we hard-coded in CMAKE_PLATFORM_IMPLICIT_LINK_DIRECTORIES are not
      relevant to modern toolchains, so simply drop them.
      Co-Author: Shawn Walker-Salas <shawn.walker@oracle.com>
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    • Simon Levermann's avatar
      CPackDMG: Add support for multilingual SLAs · f88533cc
      Simon Levermann authored
      Multiple languages for SLAs and the SLA UI can be added via the CPack
      variables CPACK_DMG_SLA_DIR and CPACK_DMG_SLA_LANGUAGES.  For each
      language defined in the languages variable, CPack will search for
      <language>.menu.txt and <language>.license.txt in CPACK_DMG_SLA_DIR.
      If the sla directory variable is not defined, the old behaviour using
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    • Rolf Eike Beer's avatar
      FindCUDA: drop CUDA_dl_LIBRARY · b1efb023
      Rolf Eike Beer authored
      There is the global CMAKE_DL_LIBS setting which can be used instead. There are
      even platforms where this is either empty because those functions are part of
      the libc or is called entirely different, so this code wouldn't work reliable
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  20. 28 Oct, 2015 1 commit
    • Benjamin Chrétien's avatar
      FindPkgConfig: return actual error when a package is not found (#15810) · 1bfb527f
      Benjamin Chrétien authored
      In some cases, CMake returned the following error:
      -- Checking for module 'foo'
      --   Package 'foo' not found
      When the actual error returned by pkg-config was:
        Package 'bar', required by 'foo', not found
      Now, the actual error is forwarded to the user.
      -- Checking for module 'foo'
      --   Package 'bar', required by 'foo', not found
      For the standard case (i.e. the package was indeed not found), the
      CMake error was:
      -- Checking for module 'foo'
      --   Package 'foo' not found
      But it now prints:
      -- Checking for module 'foo'
      --   No package 'foo' found
      The associated test was also updated. ${last} refers to the last
      CLI argument.