1. 19 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  2. 18 Jul, 2019 2 commits
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      VS: Place intermediate files in the "ASM List Location" next to objects · c1fc6c80
      Brad King authored
      The `AssemblerListingLocation` setting in VS project files is meant for
      intermediate files created during the build much like object files.
      When the VS 7 generator was first under development, commit 49aebe6c
      (new arch, 2002-09-04) placed both object files and the ASM list
      location in the same directory.  Later commit f9aef0e4 (Generator now
      creates a separate intermediate files directory for each target,
      2005-07-27) moved the object files to a per-target directory but the
      ASM list location was not moved with them.  Move it now.
      Fixes: #19480
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 94b883d9
      Kitware Robot authored
  3. 17 Jul, 2019 4 commits
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      Swift: Add library search paths for dependencies · c8741e8f
      Saleem Abdulrasool authored
      When building Swift executables and libraries which import a module, an
      implicit link will be added by the driver.  Because this links by name
      rather than path, the library search path needs to be provided to
      indicate where to find the library.  For all local dependencies, add the
      library paths for the targets when linking.  This ensures that you can
      link against local libraries without explicitly setting a library path.
      Fixes: #19304
    • Saleem Abdulrasool's avatar
      Support per-language library link flags · be0d4042
      Saleem Abdulrasool authored
      This changes the behaviour of the generators to use a per-language
      library search path flag.  This is needed for multi-language projects
      with different compilers (e.g. cl + gfortran).  Since the adjusted
      variable has been part of the user settings, we control this based on a
      Fixes: #19307
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      CMake 3.15.0 · 79bcf4e1
      Brad King authored
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · b1199680
      Kitware Robot authored
  4. 16 Jul, 2019 5 commits
    • Brad King's avatar
      AIX: Create import library for executables with exports · 2fa920c0
      Brad King authored
      On AIX, plugins meant to be loaded into executables via `dlopen` must be
      linked with access to a list of symbols exported from the executable in
      order to use them (when not using runtime linking).  The AIX linker
      supports specifying this list as an "import file" passed on the command
      line either via the `-bI:...` option or (with a leading `#! .` line) as
      a normal input file like any other library file.
      The linker import file plays the same role on AIX as import libraries do
      on Windows.  Teach CMake to enable its import library abstraction on AIX
      for executables with the `ENABLE_EXPORTS` target property set.  Teach
      our internal `ExportImportList` script to optionally generate a leading
      `#! .` line at the top of the generated export/import list.  Update our
      rule for linking an executable with exports to generate a public-facing
      "import library" implemented as an AIX linker import file.
      With this approach, our existing infrastructure for handling import
      libraries on Windows will now work for AIX linker import files too:
      * Plugins that link to their executable's symbols will be automatically
        linked using the import file on the command line.
      * The executable's import file will be (optionally) installed and
        exported for use in linking externally-built plugins.
      This will allow executables and their plugins to build even if we later
      turn off runtime linking.
      Issue: #19163
    • Cristian Adam's avatar
      find_package: Fix NO_MODULE under CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_PREFER_CONFIG · f2edccea
      Cristian Adam authored
      The module mode fallback added by commit 22e65d10 (find_package: Fixed
      CMAKE_FIND_PACKAGE_PREFER_CONFIG Module fallback, 2019-06-13,
      v3.15.0-rc2~6^2) should not be used unless the `find_package` call
      allows module mode.  Doing so can lead to infinite recursion if a find
      module tries to call config mode with `find_package(...  NO_MODULE)`.
      Fix the logic and add a test case.
      Fixes: #19478
    • Alex Turbov's avatar
      project: Keep leading `0` in PROJECT_VERSION components · 0ba5891e
      Alex Turbov authored
      Introduce CMake policy `CMP0096` to make `project()` keep leading zeros
      in version components.  As a side effect, it now allows really long
      version numbers.
      Fixes: #19421
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
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      CMake 3.14.6 · 96541918
      Brad King authored
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      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · e653938b
      Kitware Robot authored
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  10. 10 Jul, 2019 3 commits
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      CMake 3.15.0-rc4 · 86ead0b5
      Brad King authored
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      IWYU: Fix handling of <memory> standard header · 71fbebd1
      Brad King authored
      An old workaround for `std::allocator_traits<>::value_type` lints from
      IWYU on `std::vector<>` usage breaks IWYU's handling of `<memory>`.
      Convert the workaround to use the same approach we already use for a
      workaround of `std::__decay_and_strip<>::::__type` lints.  Then update
      the `<memory>` inclusions to follow the now-correct IWYU lints.
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      CMake Nightly Date Stamp · 522b687c
      Kitware Robot authored
  11. 09 Jul, 2019 5 commits