1. 05 Jan, 2012 1 commit
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      libarchive 3.0.2-r4051 (reduced) · 4f4fe6e5
      LibArchive Upstream authored
      Extract upstream libarchive using the following shell code.
      date=$(svn log -q -c$r $url |
             sed -n "/^r/ {s/[^|]*|[^|]*|//;p;}")
      svn export -r$r $url libarchive-$v-r$r &&
      mkdir libarchive-$v-r$r-reduced &&
      (cd libarchive-$v-r$r && tar c $paths) |
      (cd libarchive-$v-r$r-reduced && tar x)
      echo "r$r date: $date"
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      Configure libarchive build within CMake · 504660ea
      Brad King authored
      Re-enable the option to build libarchive within CMake now that we have
      imported a new snapshot.  Force libarchive ENABLE_* cache options to the
      values CMake needs.  Set ENABLE_OPENSSL based on CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL to
      preserve the behavior introduced in commit ee55a4f7 (Use OpenSSL only if
      CMAKE_USE_OPENSSL, 2011-02-08).
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      Configure KWIML inside CMake as cmIML · 93cebcaf
      Brad King authored
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      KWIML: The Kitware Information Macro Library · 831badec
      Brad King authored
      Provides header files that use preprocessor tests to detect and provide
      information about the compiler and its target architecture.  The headers
      contain no configuration-time test results and thus may be installed
      into an architecture-independent include directory.  This makes them
      suitable for use in the public interface of any package.
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      Cygwin: Do not define 'WIN32' (#10122) · 85c0a69a
      Brad King authored
      One of Cygwin's goals is to build projects using the POSIX API with no
      Windows awareness.  Many CMake-built projects have been written to test
      for UNIX and WIN32 but not CYGWIN.  The preferred behavior under Cygwin
      in such projects is to take the UNIX path but not the WIN32 path.
      Unfortunately this change is BACKWARDS INCOMPATIBLE for Cygwin-aware
      CMake projects!  Some projects that previously built under Cygwin and
      are Cygwin-aware when they test for WIN32 may now behave differently.
      Eventually these projects will need to be updated, but to help users
      build them in the meantime we print a warning about the change in
      behavior.  Furthermore, one may set CMAKE_LEGACY_CYGWIN_WIN32 to request
      old behavior during the transition.
      Normally we avoid backwards incompatible changes, but we make an
      exception in this case for a few reasons:
      (1) This behavior is preferred by Cygwin's design goals.
      (2) A warning provides a clear path forward for everyone who may see
      incompatible behavior, and CMAKE_LEGACY_CYGWIN_WIN32 provides a
      compatibility option.  The warning and compatibility option both
      disappear when the minimum required version of CMake in a project is
      sufficiently new, so this issue will simply go away over time as
      projects are updated to account for the change.
      (3) The fixes required to update projects are fairly insignificant.
      Furthermore, the Cygwin distribution has no releases itself so project
      versions that predate said fixes tend to be difficult to build anyway.
      (4) This change enables many CMake-built projects that did not
      previously build under Cygwin to work out-of-the-box.  From bug #10122:
        "I have built over 120 different source packages with (my patched)
         CMake, including most of KDE4, and have found that NOT defining
         WIN32 on Cygwin is much more accurate." -- Yaakov Selkowitz
      A fully compatible change would require patches on top of these project
      releases for Cygwin even though they otherwise need not be aware of it.
      (5) Yaakov has been maintaining a fork of CMake with this change for the
      Cygwin Ports distribution.  It works well in practice.  By accepting the
      change in upstream CMake we avoid confusion between the versions.
      CMake itself builds without WIN32 defined on Cygwin.  Simply disable
      CMAKE_LEGACY_CYGWIN_WIN32 explicitly in our own CMakeLists.txt file.
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      New USE_FOLDERS property OFF by default. (#3796) · fd3249e1
      David Cole authored
      Visual Studio Express editions do not support solution folders,
      so default behavior should be as if USE_FOLDERS global property
      is OFF.
      Also, allow folder names to be the same as target names: internally,
      use a prefix to distinguish folder GUIDs from target GUIDs. Add
      a target and folder with the same name in the ExternalProject
      test to exercise this code.
      For CMake itself, provide a new option CMAKE_USE_FOLDERS that
      defaults to ON so that Visual Studio users get a nicely organized
      CMake project. Express edition users will have to turn off the
      CMAKE_USE_FOLDERS option in order to build CMake in the VS Express
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      Add FOLDER target property, for IDEs (#3796) · e6ac0aac
      David Cole authored
      This work was started from a patch by Thomas Schiffer.
      Thanks, Thomas!
      See the newly added documentation of the FOLDER target
      property for details.
      Also added global properties, USE_FOLDERS and
      PREDEFINED_TARGETS_FOLDER. See new docs here, too.
      By default, the FOLDER target property is used to organize
      targets into folders in IDEs that have support for such
      This commit adds "solution folder" support to the Visual
      Studio generators. Currently works with versions 7 through
      Also, use the new FOLDER property in the ExternalProject
      test and in the CMake project itself.