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      Features: Record for MSVC 2010-2015 · d3489bdb
      Robert Maynard authored
      Also, in WCDH add MSVC Compatibility for cxx_align{of,as}.
      Co-Author: Stephen Kelly <steveire@gmail.com>
      Co-Author: Brad King <brad.king@kitware.com>
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      Revert topic 'feature_record_msvc' · 0b7e7e27
      Brad King authored
      Revert commits:
       2d738ce3 Help: Add notes for topic 'feature_record_msvc'
       f73718c9 Features: Enable writing of MSVC compiler feature header.
       64c30bdc Features: Record for MSVC C++ 2015 and MSVC C 2010-2015.
       225c0ef8 Features: Record for MSVC 2010-2013.
      This topic was merged to master prematurely, so remove it.
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      Features: Enable writing of MSVC compiler feature header. · f73718c9
      Robert Maynard authored
      VS2015 and above are the only MSVC versions to support cxx_final, so remove
      usages from the tests, and instead only test for cxx_override.
      VS2012 and above to conform to cxx_decltype_incomplete_return_types
      proposal, but without support for auto return types the dcl.type.simple
      example in the proposal doesn't compile.
      VS2013 and above to conform to the updated cxx_contextual_conversions proposal,
      but VS2010 and above pass the test.
      Compilers such as MSVC have no explicit flags to enable C++11 mode,
      it just is always on. So only run the link tests with compilers that require
      a flag to specify the language version.
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      WCDH: Add feature portability for thread_local. · 998e9c10
      Stephen Kelly authored
      AppleClang does not support the cxx_thread_local feature, even
      though it is based on a Clang version which does support the
      A possible reason for that is that thread_local might be used as
      a variable in existing Apple SDK headers.
      Extend the WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module to generate a define
      for that feature with portability fallbacks.  For the avoidance of
      making it easy to write code which looks correct but which has odd
      runtime behavior, don't set the define symbol at all if no
      equivalent keyword is known.
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      Features: Extend concept to C language. · e0890d03
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Add properties and variables corresponding to CXX equivalents.
      Add features for c_function_prototypes (C90), c_restrict (C99),
      c_variadic_macros (C99) and c_static_assert (C11). This feature
      set can be extended later.
      Add a <PREFIX>_RESTRICT symbol define to WriteCompilerDetectionHeader
      to conditionally represent the c_restrict feature.
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      Add the WriteCompilerDetectionHeader module. · 62a4a67d
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Provide a function to write a portable header to detect compiler
      features.  Generate a preprocessor #error for unknown compilers
      and compiler versions whose features are not yet recorded.  This
      error condition might be relaxed in the future, but for now it
      is useful for verification of expectations.