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    • Robert Maynard's avatar
      Qt4Macros: Make QT4_CREATE_MOC_COMMAND a function · 7beba986
      Robert Maynard authored
      QT4_CREATE_MOC_COMMAND is given a moc_flags argument that contains the
      COMPILE_DEFINITIONS and a potentially large list of include directories.
      Since it is a macro, the ${moc_flags} reference is replaced with this
      content and sent through cmMakefile::ExpandVariablesInString (EVIS).
      Since commit v3.0.0-rc1~138^2 (Qt4: Use generator expression in
      COMPILE_DEFINITIONS, 2014-01-13) the COMPILE_DEFINITIONS value contains
      a '$' so the EVIS fast-path is no longer used.  Instead the full
      cmCommandArgumentParserHelper is now used on the large input, which is
      very slow (since it was originally created for hand-written code).
      Change QT4_CREATE_MOC_COMMAND to a function instead of a macro to avoid
      passing large content through EVIS.  This makes it significantly faster.
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    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Qt4Macros: Handle Qt ActiveX libraries in qt4_use_modules. · ce0c4802
      Stephen Kelly authored
      These libraries have non-conventional variable names.
    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Qt4Macros: Allow specifying a TARGET in invokations of macros. · 9ce60ff5
      Stephen Kelly authored
      That will allow things like this:
       qt4_generate_moc(myfile.h moc_myfile.cpp TARGET foo) # Note, foo target doesn't
                                                            # exist until below.
       add_library(foo ...)
      The qt4_generate_moc call would use the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES from
      the foo target using generator expressions. Currently it reads
      the INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES directory property, meaning that include_directories()
      is required.
      Support for the TARGET is also added to qt4_wrap_cpp, but not qt4_automoc,
      as that is deprecated in favor of the AUTOMOC target property.
      The moc tool reports failure if the Q_INTERFACES macro is used with
      an argument which has not appeared with Q_DECLARE_INTERFACE, so that is
      the basis of the unit test.
      The command line arguments are now always written to a file, which is
      passed to moc as the @atfile. This was already the case on Windows, but
      now it is used everywhere. The reason for that is that it is not currently
      possible to expand the list of includes from a target directly in
      a add_custom_command invokation (though that may become possible in the
      future). There is not a big disadvantage to using the file anyway on
      unix, so having one code path instead of two is also a motivation.
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    • Brad King's avatar
      Qt4Macros: Fix recently broken resource file parsing · 3553001b
      Brad King authored
      Commit 4be67837 (read less from version headers into variables,
      2012-08-19) switched from file(READ) and string(REGEX MATCHALL) to just
      file(STRINGS) to extract the list of resource <file> entries.  However,
      the latter extracts entire lines that match the regex, not just the part
      that matches the regex, so the subsequent string(REGEX REPLACE) fails to
      match and replace anything.  Return to the original parsing logic but
      replace file(READ) with file(STRINGS) to load a minimal part of the file
      before using string(REGEX MATCHALL) as before.
  18. 19 Aug, 2012 2 commits
    • Stephen Kelly's avatar
      Add new qt4_use_modules function. · 1420691b
      Stephen Kelly authored
    • Rolf Eike Beer's avatar
      read less from version headers into variables · 4be67837
      Rolf Eike Beer authored
      Instead of reading the whole file using file(READ) and later matching on the
      whole file use file(STRINGS ... REGEX) to get only those lines we are
      interested in at all. This will make the list much smaller (good for debugging)
      and also the regular expressions will need to match on much smaller strings.
      Also unset the content variables once they are not used anymore.
  19. 13 Aug, 2012 3 commits
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Remove CMake-language block-end command arguments · 9db31162
      Kitware Robot authored
      Ancient versions of CMake required else(), endif(), and similar block
      termination commands to have arguments matching the command starting the
      block.  This is no longer the preferred style.
      Run the following shell code:
      for c in else endif endforeach endfunction endmacro endwhile; do
          echo 's/\b'"$c"'\(\s*\)(.\+)/'"$c"'\1()/'
      done >convert.sed &&
      git ls-files -z -- bootstrap '*.cmake' '*.cmake.in' '*CMakeLists.txt' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Utilities/cm|Source/kwsys/)' |
      egrep -z -v 'Tests/CMakeTests/While-Endwhile-' |
      xargs -0 sed -i -f convert.sed &&
      rm convert.sed
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Convert CMake-language commands to lower case · 77543bde
      Kitware Robot authored
      Ancient CMake versions required upper-case commands.  Later command
      names became case-insensitive.  Now the preferred style is lower-case.
      Run the following shell code:
      cmake --help-command-list |
      grep -v "cmake version" |
      while read c; do
          echo 's/\b'"$(echo $c | tr '[:lower:]' '[:upper:]')"'\(\s*\)(/'"$c"'\1(/g'
      done >convert.sed &&
      git ls-files -z -- bootstrap '*.cmake' '*.cmake.in' '*CMakeLists.txt' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Utilities/cm|Source/kwsys/)' |
      xargs -0 sed -i -f convert.sed &&
      rm convert.sed
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Remove trailing whitespace from most CMake and C/C++ code · 7bbaa428
      Kitware Robot authored
      Our Git commit hooks disallow modification or addition of lines with
      trailing whitespace.  Wipe out all remnants of trailing whitespace
      everywhere except third-party code.
      Run the following shell code:
      git ls-files -z -- \
       bootstrap doxygen.config '*.readme' \
       '*.c' '*.cmake' '*.cpp' '*.cxx' \
       '*.el' '*.f' '*.f90' '*.h' '*.in' '*.in.l' '*.java' \
       '*.mm' '*.pike' '*.py' '*.txt' '*.vim' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Utilities/cm|Source/(kwsys|CursesDialog/form)/)' |
      egrep -z -v '^(Modules/CPack\..*\.in)' |
      xargs -0 sed -i 's/ \+$//'
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    • Tobias Bieniek's avatar
      Qt4Macros: Added support for generated resource files · 9ce67d30
      Tobias Bieniek authored
      Using the QT4_ADD_RESOURCES() macro required the resource file to exist
      already for dependency scanning.  This prevented the use of resource
      files that are generated by cmake because it needs the file before
      resolving the dependency.  This patch adds support for generated
      resource files by not scanning the resource file for dependencies if it
      doesn't exist yet.  The add_custom_command() to generate the resource
      file should add the dependencies on the files used by the resource file.
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    • Pierre-Francois Laquerre's avatar
      Fix path quoting in Qt4 macros · 9b07c19f
      Pierre-Francois Laquerre authored
      Adding VERBATIM to the ADD_CUSTOM_COMMAND calls in the qt4 macros
      ensures that paths are properly quoted when passed to the shell.
      This fixes issues when building projects that contained paths with
      special characters (according to /bin/sh), such as parentheses or
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