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  5. 18 Oct, 2013 2 commits
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      Intel: Fix detection of MSVC version simulated by pre-11.0 Fortran · d14898b6
      Brad King authored
      The Intel Fortran 10 64-bit compiler incorrectly defines _MSC_VER to its
      own version (1020) instead of the underlying MSVC tools version.  Since
      we expect the compiler to be used only with VS >= 7 tools, assume MSVC
      version 13.0 if _MSC_VER is not greater than 1300.
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      Intel: When simulating MSVC, re-use Windows-MSVC (#14476) · a85e17e6
      Brad King authored
      Teach CMake(C|CXX|Fortran)CompilerId* to report the MSVC version
      simulated by the Intel compiler, if any.  Refactor the Windows-Intel
      platform information helper module to load Windows-MSVC instead of
      duplicating the information.  Teach Windows-MSVC to understand when
      it is loaded as the simulated Fortran compiler (its preprocessor is
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  8. 16 Dec, 2010 1 commit
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      Detect Fortran target architecture on Windows · 58c73c43
      Brad King authored
      Commit 4430bccc (Change the way 32/64 bit compiles are detected with
      MSVC and intel, 2009-11-19) added detection of the target processor to C
      and CXX language builds with MS and Intel tools.  Do the same for Intel
      Fortran for Windows (ifort).  Use /machine:<arch> to link executables.
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      Teach compiler id about VisualAge -> XL rebranding · 115ecc57
      Brad King authored
      IBM rebranded its VisualAge compiler to XL starting at version 8.0.  We
      use the compiler id "XL" for newer versions and "VisualAge" for older
      versions.  We now also recognize the "z/OS" compiler, which is distinct
      from XL.
  15. 14 Jul, 2009 2 commits
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      ENH: Check _SGI_COMPILER_VERSION for compiler id · 69e366f4
      Brad King authored
      Some SGI compilers define _SGI_COMPILER_VERSION in addition to the old
      _COMPILER_VERSION preprocessor symbol.  It is more distinctive, so we
      should check it in case the old one is ever removed.
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      BUG: Avoid SGI preprocessor bug for Fortran Id · eff38118
      Brad King authored
      The SGI preprocessor /usr/lib/cpp produces bad output on this code:
        #if 1
        #elif 1
      Both 'A' and 'C' appear in the output!  We work around the problem by
      using '#elif 1' instead of '#else'.
      This fixes detection of the SGI Fortran compiler id in -o32 mode.
  16. 25 Jun, 2009 1 commit
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      ENH: Identify Fortran compilers with fixed format · ef756b96
      Brad King authored
      This enhances the Fortran compiler id detection by using a source that
      can compile either as free or fixed format.  As long as the compiler
      knows it should preprocess the source file (.F) the identification can
      work.  Even free-format compilers may try fixed-format parsing if the
      user specifies certain flags, so we must support both.