1. 24 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      QtAutogen: Regenerate qrc files if their input changes (#15074) · 6e1c359f
      Stephen Kelly authored
      Get dependencies from the output of ``rcc --list`` if using
      Qt 5.  Otherwise process the file in the same way as the
      qt4_add_resources macro.
      This does not work for RCC files which are generated.
      The cmake_autogen build step is implemented as a PRE_BUILD step
      of the target currently if possible, rather than a standalone
      custom target.  This is to keep the number of (synthesized)
      custom targets that appear in the UI low, but in some cases
      it is necessary to fall back to a full custom target.
      Fall back to a full custom target for the VS builds if autorcc
      is used.
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  5. 27 May, 2013 2 commits
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      QtAutomoc: Get the Qt version through the target link interface · fa55751f
      Stephen Kelly authored
      In Qt 5.1, Qt5::Core has a INTERFACE_QT_MAJOR_VERSION property
      of '5', and since CMake 2.8.11, Qt4::QtCore has an
      INTERFACE_QT_MAJOR_VERSION of '4'. This was introduced in
      commit 4aa10cd6 (FindQt4: Set the INTERFACE_QT_MAJOR_VERSION for
      Qt4::QtCore, 2013-03-16), to produce an error if Qt 4 and Qt 5
      are erroneously used by the same target. This can also be used
      however to determine the Qt major version, and therefore the
      particular moc executable to use during automoc steps. This means
      that targets in a single buildsystem can use a selection of Qt 4
      and Qt 5, and still take advantage of the CMAKE_AUTOMOC feature
      without conflicting.
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      Use the qt5::moc imported target instead of a variable. · f7763167
      Stephen Kelly authored
      The variable is provided in the Qt5 config files only for compatibility
      with this automoc feature, so use the more-future-proof method instead.
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      automoc: fix #12541, support moc options · 52719a1d
      Alexander Neundorf authored
      This commit adds a new target property AUTOMOC_MOC_OPTIONS, which
      can be set to add extra options for the moc invocations done via automoc.
      This is equivalent to the OPTIONS parameter in the qt4_wrap_cpp() macro.
  13. 14 Aug, 2011 1 commit